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Love is represented by a small gold-plated heart on a thin silver band, engraved with the initial of a friend, partner or anyone else you wish. It’s a symbol to always carry with you, a knot that represents eternal union, fidelity, and a promise of love.
The Love_is Collection embodies these sentiments through a variety of symbolic keys. You will find a heart suspended on a necklace, small buttons with hearts and letters, adorned with pendant stones, and rings joined together in bronze, silver, and brass.
A special piece is the bubble ring, with its irregular, textured shape, expertly crafted by fire, which melts the metal, creating ever-changing and fascinating bubbles.
The connection between friendship and love is the timeless thread of this Cosevane collection. These jewels represent the union that binds people to one another, celebrating affection and the promise of everlasting love. Welcome to the Love_is Collection, where feelings take shape in a precious and emotional way.

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results

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