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At the heart of the collection you will find the symbol of water and freedom embodied in my friend, the fish. Each fish is unique, carefully hand-crafted in silver and bronze using the openwork technique. These little treasures become decorative clasps for the long silver necklaces and chain link bracelets, from which cute little boats also hang.

The beauty of this collection lies in the details: the fish and the little boat gracefully decorate the button earrings, with stylised designs made by hand with a touch of irony. Each piece is linked to the others by a common thread that recalls the sea in its nuances and symbolises freedom, a precious feeling that sometimes escapes us, making us feel like fish out of water. With our handcrafted silver, brass and bronze jewellery, you can always carry this special symbol with you and feel as free as the sea.

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Showing all 8 results

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