Fish Signet Bracelet


Rigid silver hoop bracelet with a bronze medal; on the surface, in relief, is a silver signet in the shape of a fish.

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Material: 925 silver, bronze

The Fish Signet bracelet consists of a rigid hoop bracelet made of sterling silver with a slightly hammered wire, with a width of approximately 0.2 mm.

The medallion that hangs from the rigid hoop is bronze, has a diameter of about 2.5 cm and has a smooth and shiny surface. On its surface, in relief, is a signet in the shape of a silver fish with a hammered surface reminiscent of fish scales.

The bracelets in the Signet collection are entirely handmade in silver and bronze using the openwork technique. The rigid circle bracelet can be combined with the baby (boy/girl), piglet, paw, swallow and star medallion

Each bracelet is tailor-made and customisable. The rim diameter changes according to the size required.

Use the chart to find your size.