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At the core of every collection I create, there resides a piece of my spirit, and my natural element is undeniably water. My love for swimming carries me to a world where I feel light and free. Every dive clears my mind, allowing me to listen to my breaths and perceive the signals my body sends. The “Underwater” Collection draws inspiration from these profound sensations.

The jewelry within the “Underwater” Collection primarily consists of rings, born from the magic of lost wax and passionately crafted in silver and bronze. The shapes of these jewels are sinuous, soft, and rounded, substantial on the hand, reminiscent of the fluid lines of water. The most striking contrast is provided by the vibrant colors of epoxy resins, which I specifically experimented with for this collection. These luminous resins serve as a backdrop for the ring’s setting, where a small seal, always unique, finds its place. It could be an adorable fish, a heart, a star, or a delicate dragonfly, symbolizing freedom and strength. These little treasures are embedded in the resin, evoking the very essence of water. Welcome to a world of boundless emotions and beauty with the “Underwater” Collection.

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Showing all 5 results

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