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The Signet Collection is a precious part of our history here at Cosevane, born out of my passion for iconic rings that I have pursued since a young age, spending time in in antique markets. In particular, I have a soft spot for pinky rings, with their unique charm and historical symbolism from original designs.

The seal symbols I created for this collection are stylised, ironic and minimalist, just like Cosevane’s signature style. Among them you will find a fish, heart, paw, dachshund and star, each with its own story and meaning.
The square band rings, inspired by chevalier rings, are available in different sizes to be worn creatively on all fingers of the hand. Each ring features a unique signet symbol, which makes each piece special.
The Signet collection also features medals to be carefully hung on arigid bracelet or necklace chain, all handmade in silver or bronze. Each medal carries its seal symbol, creating a unique emotional bond between you and the jewel.
Welcome to the Signet Collection, where history, passion and art come together in jewellery pieces that tells your story in a unique and fascinating way.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

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