Bronze and Silver Piglet Medallion Signet


Bronze medal with silver signet in the shape of a piglet. Each signet medallion is handmade and can be personalised with an inscription on the back.

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Material: 925 silver, bronze

The medallions from the Signet collection are handmade in silver and bronze using the openwork technique.The piglet medallion is entirely handmade. On one of the sides is an embossed silver signet in the shape of a piglet. The surface of the medallion and of the signet is smooth and polished and has a diameter of 2.0 cm and a width of 1.2 mm.

You can request a custom inscription for the back of the medallion

The piglet medallion can be worn as a pendant paired with a silver chain. You can choose the model of the chain among those proposed in the picture and the relative measure by consulting the size chart.

Use the chart to find your size.