Silver paw scuplture ring


The shape of the bronze ring sculpture is round, reminiscent of the shape of an egg; the surface is irregular and hammered, creating small shadows that give movement to the jewel.
The silver seal resting on the convex bronze band with the perforated paw print stands out on the ring, creating a strong contrast.
Size: paw 12mmx10mm
Material: bronze and silver

This bronze sculpture ring is distinguished by its rounded shape, a visual evocation of the delicacy of a newly formed egg. The skilfully hammered surface reveals irregularities that, playing with the light, generate small shadows, lending a dynamic energy to this unparalleled jewel.

A silver seal, with its distinctive imprint, sits with authority on the convex bronze band, creating an extraordinary contrast. The paw print, carefully shaped and precisely pierced, emerges as a statement of presence, separating from the ring with attention-grabbing elegance.

Wear this creation and let art and craftsmanship merge with your personality, becoming a visible testimony of your bold and sophisticated individuality.