High Signet Bronze Ring – Silver Grumpy Cat


High Signet ring in bronze with signet in the shape of a silver cat’s snout. Each ring is tailor-made and customisable.

Material: 925 silver, bronze

The Grumpy Cat signet ring has a bronze band, squared off at the top; it’s detailed with the snout of a silver cat, which gives light and a strong colour contrast on the wearer’s hand. The surface of the cat, made with the fretwork technique, and of the band, made with metal casting, is smooth and shiny.

Each band has a high, voluminous top, then becomes narrower and tapered under the finger, so that it’s more comfortable and lighter to wear.

The rings in the Signet collection are handmade in silver and bronze. Each ring is tailor-made and customisable.

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