Solitary fish silver ring


The solitary silver fish swims and wanders with its rounded shape and well-defined tail, lively eye, goes and rests on the bronze driftwood, the irregular shape of the ring polished by the sea over time makes each handmade ring entirely unique.
Fish size 15mm x 3mm band thickness 3/4mm
Material: silver and bronze

A jewel that evokes the very essence of the ocean. This enchanting silver being dances between its rounded shapes, delicately sculpted tail and a lively, attentive gaze.

Now imagine this little fish moving gracefully and resting with a smile on the bronze driftwood. A combination of of two worlds, a marriage between the majesty of the ocean and the warm land.

And we cannot forget the band that ties everything together. Its irregular shape, polished over time and caressed by the sea, makes each ring an unparalleled creation. Every detail is modelled with passion and care, turning this jewellery into a tangible testimony of your individuality.

Wear the Solitary Fish Ring and let it be a reflection of your free and unstoppable spirit. It represents your uniqueness and your connection to the wonders of nature. It will be like carrying a fragment of the sea and an extraordinary experience with you, wherever you go.