Rock silver dachshund bracelet


A cute dachshund troublemaker inspired the paw collection, and this simple and lightweight silver bracelet has him as its symbol.The size is adjustable thanks to the heart-shaped chain to which the snap hook is attached, a thin Rolò chain circles around the wrist, holding the doggy.
925 sterling silver
Dachshund length 35mm bracelet length 170/180 mm adjustable

This light and delicate bracelet, made entirely of silver, encapsulates its unique spirit. Its adjustable size is made possible by an adorable heart-shaped chain, which gracefully connects to a carabiner.
Imagine this bracelet as it wraps around your wrist with its graceful Rolò chain, holding at its center the puppy that inspired it all. It is an ode to paws and the joy they bring to our lives.
Wear this bracelet with pride and be the ambassador of the Paws collection. Bring with you the sweetness and energy of a dachshund, and let your style tell the story of a special friendship. Every time you look up and see your wrist adorned with this piece of jewelry, you will be overwhelmed by a wave of affection and cheerfulness.