Paw silver on Silver Sculpture Ring


The shape of the silver sculpture ring is round, reminiscent of the shape of an egg; the surface is irregular and hammered, creating small shadows that give movement to the jewel.
The silver signet resting on the convex band with the perforated paw print is delicate in colour but at the same time its shape is firm and harmonious on the wearer’s hand.
Size: paw 12mmx10mm
Material: silver

Its rounded shape evokes the harmony of an egg, a symbol of rebirth and growth. The slightly hammered and uneven surface creates a play of shadows that create a luminous dance.
Now observe the silver signet, a touch of elegance resting on the convex band. This paw print, skilfully pierced, lends lightness to its delicate colour, while the strong, harmonious shape blends with the wearer’s hand.
Wear the Sculpture Ring proudly and let it be a tangible reflection of your vibrant personality. Carry the essence of this jewel with you and be the guardian of this fusion of art and emotion. Every time you admire this ring on your finger, you will feel the warmth of craftsmanship and the beauty of harmony come alive.


9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21