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The time that passes, the time that escapes us, the time that we do not take for ourselves, the time that we take away from the people we love, the time lost.
Time is the thing that escapes me the most and that I cannot control, the thing I lack the most to accomplish everything I want; time goes by and flies away.
It was April 15, 2022 when I decided that the time was right and that that year I would take the time to realize one of my greatest dreams: running the New York Marathon. It was a long journey to get to November 6, the day of the race. Preparing for a marathon is already in itself a marathon – of sacrifices, time management, workouts, life, work, family, it’s a race against time where everything must fit together. When the day finally came, my dream was becoming reality, an immense joy, and a magnificent experience. I returned to Pisa with a wealth of emotions, and even a high fever – well yes, I was positive to Covid-19. After almost three years since the beginning of the pandemic, I got the virus in NY, so it was time to rest and to be stay at home. During those ten days I created my Time collection, working from morning to evening, because I’m hyperactive and just cannot stand still. Finally, I was able to lock myself in the lab for entire days: I tested the products, studied new shapes and created lost wax models that would be the first pieces.

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